We Aren’t Sacrificing Comfort Anymore

Recently we announced that we have partnered with Milliken & Company to take a fresh approach to solving a decades-old challenge in the flame-resistant apparel industry – that comfort has to be sacrificed in order to provide the right level of safety. With the development of the Bulwark iQ Series, and its exclusive Amplitude G2 fabric, FR wearers will enjoy a new age of protective garments that are light, breathable, fashionable and superior in comfort.

In looking for an innovative partner that could help design a truly breakthrough solution, we quickly realized that Milliken & Company was uniquely qualified to solve the complex science and fabric challenges of today’s FR clothing. Our customer knowledge, job-related insights and garment design expertise produced a deeper understanding of the real problem to be addressed. These capabilities, combined with Milliken’s voracious appetite for FR and fabric innovation, led to the creation of Bulwark iQ series, a completely new experience to meet the needs of workers and linemen in the electric utility, oil and gas, emerging energy and NFPA 70E® (manufacturing) industries.

“Bulwark and Milliken & Company are driving the biggest innovation in flame-resistant apparel in 50 years,” said Chris Holcombe, Bulwark, vice president and general manager. “There is no other product like the Bulwark iQ series that meets the performance and comfort needs of FR wearers in the marketplace today. Typical FR apparel is heavy, hot and scratchy – tempting workers to shed their protective gear on the job in naturally unforgiving climates. Bulwark iQ series is FR apparel that workers will want to wear; not just need to wear.”

To read the full story on the innovating iQ Series, click here prnewswire.com


  • Daniel Ott
    February 13, 2014
    This is exciting! IQ series will take over the market with great new and cool looks, comfort, and all without sacrificing the safety of wearers! Awesome job Bulwark! I can't wait until this is ready to go out to my end users. After all in the protective apparel industry, we know, "its whats on the outside that really counts!" --Danny Ott (Ottstanding Protective Apparel)

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