We are a people of No Compromise. We have no other choice. Because at the end of the day, real lives are on the line. And it's our pledge to do all we can to protect them. No Compromise. The result? A relentless drive to design, develop and distribute the best, most forward-thinking FR garments the world has ever seen.

Industry's Largest Inventory

As the world's largest manufacturer of flame-resistant apparel, Bulwark offers the industry's widest, deepest selection of fabrics, styles and colors. So regardless of their shape or size, every member of the crew is covered. And those retailers who need to keep their inventories manageable are, too.


Bulwark tracks every stitch of every garment across 60 manufacturing touch points. From this obsessive devotion to information management comes total visibility of the entire supply chain. And an assurance that what bears our patch makes good on its pledge. From fiber to factory.


Bulwark brings 42 unrivaled years of proven technical leadership and industry insight to any given table or training session. Giving you every tool you need to better understand FR, better build your business — and above all else — better advance our common cause and ultimate calling. Saving lives.

Delivery Without Delay

At Bulwark we fill 99% of stock product orders within 48 hours. Because if one member of your crew isn't in gear on time, the rest of the crew stands naked. And the sooner everyone stands ready, the sooner everybody gets paid.