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About Us

Protection Built Around You

Introducing Bulwark Protection
When real lives are on the line and corporate reputations are at stake you can turn to Bulwark Protection. We’re the PPE powerhouse that surrounds you completely. We balance the demand for FR and PPE that looks as good as it protects. We expand your knowledge in all directions with the latest information, advice and guidance. Bulwark Protection - Protection built around you.
Striking a Balance with Every Stitch
Bulwark Protection is backed by the power of VF Corporation, the world’s largest clothing manufacturer. So we understand FR and PPE apparel needs to look and feel as good as it protects. Every look, line, label, fit, feature and functionality we create is purposefully designed based on firsthand insights. We make have-to-wears, want-to-wears.
Breaking the Barriers of PPE
It’s bulky. It’s hot. It’s itchy. It’s stiff. For every barrier FR and PPE apparel has, we have a breakthrough to shatter it. And move the industry forward to a new era of protection and performance.
Good to Go From Head to Toe

Depending on your line of work, there are a number of hazards you may encounter on the job. Bulwark Protection offers PPE that protects against:

  • Arc Flash
  • Flash Fire
  • Chemical Splash
  • Combustible Dust
  • Molten Metals
  • Visibility
Protective Wear for Any Industry
No matter what industry you’re in, Bulwark Protection offers true protection that surrounds you completely.
Bulwark Institute

This business is personal. Real lives are on the line. Corporate reputations, at stake. How do you achieve confidence from every angle? With Bulwark Protective Brands: the safety super-company that surrounds you completely. Protecting you from head to toe with the most innovative, purpose-built FR and PPE collections ever assembled. Expanding your knowledge in all directions with the industry’s premier training and educational offering.

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