Answering the Call to Serve.

At first glance, you might see Workrite Fire Service as an FR station wear apparel brand. Which, of course, we are. With 35 years of delivering industry-leading FR station wear to some of America’s largest fire departments to show for it.

But that proud fact aside, we’ve always thought of ourselves as something bigger. We are a service brand. A service brand that just happens to make FR station wear. Because our commitment is so much bigger than just the clothing. We are a community of passionate protectors serving the firefighters who protect our communities. And our calling is to understand, outfit, and honor these brave souls in brave new ways that advance the cause of protection for them. So they can perform at their very best, when their call to serve beckons them.

So here’s to 2021, and our renewed resolution to answering the call to serve with an extra layer of passion, protection, and performance.