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Care & Cleaning: Garments Made from Blends of Inherently Flame Resistant Fibers

These garments are made from fabrics that are heat resistant and permanently flame resistant. Inherently flame resistant fibers are blended with modacrylic, rayon, nylon and other fibers. The fabrics may also incorporate fibers that are antistatic or have other characteristics. Regardless of the blend, in static-sensitive environments proper grounding procedures must be observed.

Any flame resistant garments should be removed immediately and replaced with clean FR apparel if they become fouled with flammable material.

These garments should be washed using soft water (less than 4.0 grains). Hard water adversely affects cleaning, resulting in increased detergent usage. Hard water contains mineral salts that can form insoluble deposits on the surface of fabrics. Sufficient buildup can negate the flame resistant characteristics of the garment, and may serve as fuel if garments are exposed to an ignition source.

Laundry temperatures up to 140°F are best for good colorfastness. Processing in hotter formulas may be required to remove soils but could affect color and shrinkage. These garments can also be dry cleaned in perchloroethylene or petroleum.

Important considerations are temperature control in washing and drying and removing flammable soils or chemicals that can overwhelm or mask the FR properties.







Either perchloroethylene or petroleum solvent can be used. In cases of heavy, oily soil, this may be the preferred approach. With petroleum, it is necessary to ensure all solvent has been completely dried from the garment.



Minor repairs that do not affect the integrity of the garment should be made with like materials by sewing on patches or darning small holes.


The information in this bulletin is based on the results of testing in our laboratory and information from the fabric vendor. It is provided for your guidance and knowledge. As of the publication date, this bulletin contains up to date information on care and cleaning. Please visit our website at for the latest information.