We Aren’t Sacrificing Comfort Anymore

February 7, 2014

Recently we announced that we have partnered with Milliken & Company to take a fresh approach to solving a decades-old challenge in the flame-resistant apparel industry – that comfort has to be sacrificed in order to provide the right level …

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Layering and Undergarments

October 17, 2013

According to NFPA 70E section 130.7 (C) (9) (a), layering of non-melting flammable garments is permitted to be worn under FR garments for added protection. However, the system arc rating of the innermost FR layer must be sufficient to prevent …

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Forecasting, Rig Count, and FR

August 26, 2013

Most people would quip, predicting the future requires a crystal ball and some magical ‘sayings’.  In business, forecasting market dynamics is much more of an art than science.  However, business builds technology and departments on the science of the past …

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Safety 2013: A Retrospective

July 1, 2013

Two new booths a’ buzzin’. Countless connections made. FR Genius-ing at its finest. And showgirls – dozens of fantailed, feathered showgirls. Sprinkled (and quite impressively spangled) about the conference show floor. These are but a few of the glitzier highlights …

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