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More people arm themselves with Bulwark than any other FR brand. Because Bulwark arms you with the most advanced and intuitively designed FR products ever made. And surrounds you with the industry’s premier FR education programs. When you see our triangle on your left, trust you’ve done everything right.

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Firefighters deserve a uniform that puts forward the same level of dedication as they do. At Workrite® Fire Service we deliver protection without compromise and pour every ounce of passion into advancing your safety while on the job. Our station wear garments offer an added layer of NFPA® 1975 compliant, flame-resistant (FR) protection that works with you during any part of your workday.


Workrite® Fire Service is a PPE station wear manufacturer focused solely on the fire service industry. We do everything in our power to outfit you with the best of FR station wear—while also bringing you education, innovation, training, advocacy, and design that understands your job and adapts to it, and service that is unparalleled in this industry—or any industry.

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Major advances are being made and new solutions are being developed in laboratories around the country, each and every day. Yet there’s still one aspect of lab safety that remains unchanged: outdated PPE. This environment of ingenuity and innovation demands a reliable lab PPE that provides the ultimate in protection and comfort, for all-day wear.