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Safety’s Most Purpose–driven Portfolio

We’re a family of world-renowned brands that are backed by the power of Bulwark Protection. We’re your trusted partner that shares your relentless pursuit of safer, brighter, more productive, new horizons. We’re an unrivaled platform of FR and PPE apparel innovation, expertise, service, training, tools and education built around you.
  • Bulwark FR
    Bulwark FR

    More people arm themselves with Bulwark than any other FR brand. Because Bulwark arms you with the most advanced and intuitively designed FR products ever made. And surrounds you with the industry’s premier FR education programs. When you see our triangle on your left, trust you’ve done everything right.

  • Workrite Fire Service
    Workrite Fire Service

    When you’ve been the industry-leading flame-resistant manufacturer for the largest fire departments in the country since 1986, you know you’re doing something right. Workrite Fire Service understands that firefighters are more than just firefighters. When a few seconds can be the difference between saving a life, fire professionals depend on Workrite Fire Service.

  • Bulwark CP
    Bulwark CP

    Major advances are being made and new solutions are being developed in laboratories around the country, each and every day. Yet there’s still one aspect of lab safety that remains unchanged: outdated PPE. This environment of ingenuity and innovation demands a reliable lab PPE that provides the ultimate in protection and comfort, for all-day wear.