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Molten Metals


The smelting and refining industry has a higher rate of injuries than most other industries. These include serious burns that result from the splattering and spilling of molten metals and radiant heat injuries that happen during the melting and pouring process. A molten metal hazard occurs when workers come in close contact with metals at high temperature, which can splash and cling to their clothing. These injuries can be reduced with the proper PPE clothing and safety programs. Bulwark® Protection provides a diverse lineup of clothing that will keep your crew protected, so they have one less thing to worry about.
Stay Informed

The best defense for you and your team is to stay educated on how you can reduce injury caused by a molten metal incident. The Bulwark Protection PPE experts provide a wide range of tools and resources on how to select the right PPE and tips on how to properly implement a safety program.

  • ANSI Z49.1
  • ASTEM D6413
Bulwark Protection provides a molten metal protection collection made from a highly engineered fiber blend that’s lightweight and flexible. This collection is designed to deliver premier protection against molten metal splash, radiant heat, flame and other hazards.

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