Uncompromising Comfort Meets Non-meltable Protection
Non-Meltable Is Non-Negotiable Statement

Key takeaways from this article:

•      Workrite launches a new non-FR 100% Cotton collection, offering non-meltable protection for fire service personnel.

•      Complies with NFPA 1975 standards.

•      Non-FR 100% Cotton collection provides affordable, comfortable, and durable options, ideal for welcoming new fire station recruits.

Workrite knows your crew needs protection. That’s why we’re proud to launch our new line of Non-FR 100% Cotton. This lightweight and comfortable non-meltable collection provides fire service personnel with added protection while on the job. It is also compliant with NFPA 1975 standards.

The Non-FR 100% Cotton collection features a Fire Chief Shirt that includes secure storage and decorative epaulets. Complete the look with our flexible Fire Chief Pant. They offer stylish mobility with a diamond crotch gusset and durable creases. As you consider how to invest in the future of fire safety, know that Workrite has well-suited options for your station. In fact, our Non-FR 100% Cotton collection is a great way to welcome new recruits without breaking the bank!