Non-FR No No’s

Key takeaways from this article:

•      Bulwark's "What In the FR??" video series highlights the dangers of adding flammable fabrics to FR clothing.

•      Non-FR base layers can melt and cause injuries if the FR catches fire, compromising safety.

•      FR accessories, like hi-visibility vests or hat liners, must meet the same compliance level as other FR clothing. Non-compliant pieces reduce FR effectiveness.

•      Hand safety is crucial - 70% of hand injuries are preventable with certified safety gloves, like the iQ Series Advantage Glove Collection.

Our new video series “What In the FR??” covers the downright head-scratching ways workers try to solve their FR problems. This time we’re covering why adding flammable fabrics to your FR is a big no-no.

Non-FR base layers like performance fabrics contain meltable material. If a wearer’s FR were to catch fire, the non-FR material beneath can melt and cause serious injuries. These “shortcuts” to comfort may seem helpful but are harmful because they compromise the safety of an FR clothing program.

Any FR accessories worn, such as highway jackets or hat liners, must have the same level of compliance as the wearer’s shirts, pants, and coveralls. Putting on non-compliant clothing decreases the overall effectiveness of FR. We’re looking at you, skull caps!

Protection beyond the cuff matters too. 70% of hand injuries can be prevented by wearing certified safety gloves. Our new iQ Series Advantage Glove Collection provides better performance that’s both compliant and secure. So don’t play fast and loose with flammables, and ban those bandanas.