Staying Compliant

This episode of our “What In the FR??” series covers compliance. Not the average worker’s favorite topic, we know. But in actuality, compliance is easy when you A) keep it simple and trust your garment enough to wear it properly, and B) forget the head-scratching alterations and whoa-boy “adjustments” that Alli and Derek cover in the video.​

Top of mind in compliance for FR shirts, pants, or coveralls are the big three:

1) Keep it tucked in

2) Keep it buttoned up

3) Keep it rolled down

In terms of what to avoid? “Personalizing” your FR. First no-no on that list is duct tape: Whether to “patch” a hole in your garment or to tighten arm or leg openings, it can drastically reduce your level of protection. Hey, we like keeping mud out of our boots as much as anyone, but in a flash fire or arc flash event, that’s going to be the least of your problems. ​

Also avoid cutting, trimming, or otherwise altering your garment in any way. The design details that go into our FR are substantially researched and crafted to protect and perform. Any change you make for your personal tastes can reduce the effectiveness—and will probably result in non-compliance. Check out some of our other expert content on compliance for more tips and best practices. ​

But really, compliance is simply about making sure you are as prepared as possible in the event of a fire hazard. As Alli says, that flame is looking for a way in and for something to burn. Compliance is just another way of saying “don’t let that something be you.”​