Why Wearing FR Gloves Matters
A Worker Walking By A Truck

Bulwark is proud to introduce the iQ Series® Advantage collection NFPA® 2112 compliant FR (flame resistant) gloves—the market’s first-ever, comprehensive line of protective gloves for workers who depend on their hands to get the job done, despite the hazards.

These new gloves close a long-standing gap in the marketplace, offering a true, certified FR solution to industries where standard, non-FR work gloves have been the norm. Even gloves formerly marketed as FR often incorporate non-FR materials or materials with limited protective value.

We’re changing all that. Designed using proprietary research into real-life worksite hazards in the oil and gas industry, iQ Series® Advantage gloves bring form, fit, feel and fortified protection together into five all-new, insight-driven products. Each is fully certified to NFPA® 2112-2018, the standard that governs the manufacture and testing of personal protective equipment (PPE) that may be exposed to short-duration fires. Depending on the SKU, these gloves also handily protect from arc flash, impact, cut and puncture as well—while meeting worker’s demands for dexterity, a firm grip and cooling breathability.

Why all the fuss about gloves? For years, safety managers have struggled to enforce glove use on the job. Yet, despite training efforts, company policies and job-site signage—often right at the hazard area—20% of all disabling workplace injuries each year still involve hands. This makes sense, since workers’ hands are often closest to blades, wiring, moving machine parts and other dangers. According to the National Safety Council, in 70% of these injuries, workers weren’t wearing any gloves at all. In the other 30% of cases, workers were wearing gloves that simply weren’t up to the task, even when they claimed to be protective. These injuries are not only costly in a financial sense but can have devastating long-term physical and emotional consequences for those involved.

This is all particularly frustrating for employers and safety managers because the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) puts the responsibility for workplace and worker safety squarely in your hands. This means you now have a reason for purchasing 2112-compliant gloves and mandating your workers to wear them:

• The NFPA® (National Fire Protection Association) 2112 standard now includes gloves, extending recommendations for protection beyond the wrist for those exposed to short-duration thermal exposure from fire

• Bulwark makes meeting this standard—and worker compliance—easier After asking workers directly, their message is clear: safety and comfort must go hand-in-hand. Since no single glove will protect from every workplace hazard, Bulwark offers five different models designed for specific roles and tasks. Each model features DuPont’s Nomex® Cut technology, with patented Nomex® and Kevlar® engineered yarns, for increased protection from multiple hazards without sacrificing the comfort and flexibility your workers need—even for intricate work. It’s just another example of how Bulwark is relentlessly protecting the workers who power our world.

Learn more about iQ Series® Advantage FR glove collection at https://www.bulwark.com/iq-series-fr-gloves.