Bulwark Independence Day
This Is Our Independence Day Text

Key takeaways from this article:

•      Bulwark announces its new independence, separating from VF Corporation.

•      Over the past 50 years, Bulwark has pioneered significant breakthroughs in FR apparel, making it the choice for oil & gas and electric utility industry workers.

•      Being solely dedicated to FR, Bulwark expresses a commitment to continue improving and leading the FR market as an independent entity.

•      Independence allows Bulwark to develop the future of FR apparel without restrictions and further protect those who "keep the wheels of progress moving."

This Is Our Independence Day

It’s fitting that as the nation celebrates the Fourth of July, we at Bulwark also have something to whoop about: Our new independence. We are no longer part of VF Corporation. As a standalone company, this is what we have to say.

For the past 50 years, we at Bulwark have served as the relentless protectors of those who power the world. In that time, we have pioneered every major breakthrough in flame resistant apparel, turned FR from a have-to-wear into a want-to-wear, tirelessly championed for the workers of oil & gas and electric utility – and their industries, shone new light into new standards with deep insights. In many ways, you could say we don't just make FR. We are FR. It's not a side business. Not a Johnny-come-lately offering. It's a heart and soul thing. We live FR, breathe FR, and dedicate every fiber of our being to being the world’s very best at FR. 24/7. 365. And have, for 50 years now.

But today is different than any of the proud, passionate, purpose-driven 18,250 days that preceded it. For the first time in decades, we are once again independent. Free to author the future of FR without restriction. Free to plant our flag as the world's leading FR brand – on our own. Free to build a Bulwark of protection around each and every person who puts it all on the line to keep the wheels of progress moving for us all.

So we’re ready to roll down our shirtsleeves and get to work doing just that. With every fiber of our being. Every day moving forward.

Cue the fireworks. Launch the boat. Fire up the grill. 

Because the celebration. Is. On.