KEMA Arc Flash Project
An Electrician Working

In 2019, our resident FR/AR expert Derek Sang conducted the first-ever Bulwark 201 training seminar focused exclusively on the arc flash hazard. The highlight of that training was the opportunity to conduct live arc flash demonstrations at the KEMA High Voltage Laboratory. The primary goal of that demonstration, as with all Bulwark endeavors, was to further educate safety managers about the importance of FR/AR safety. As a continuation of that goal, we were also able to capture video from the demonstrations we conducted that day to share with our wider electric utility audience who weren’t able to be there in person.

And then March happened, and COVID hit, and…well, as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men…

However, as we adjusted to this new normal, we were finally able to finish the project remotely. We took a slightly different slant, which was less technical and more focused on demonstrating the importance of wearing arc rated clothing. In the end, we landed on a five-part formula that we feel clearly tells this important safety story:

1. The Hazard
2. The Danger
3. The Solution
4. Outerwear
5. The Right Outerwear

The Bulwark team is proud to share this project and grateful to all our teams who helped make it happen, despite the unprecedented times in which we are living. It is yet another example of our ongoing commitment to be the relentless protectors of those that power our world. We hope you find them valuable.