Oil & Gas. At Heart & Soul.
A Worker In FR Workwear

Key takeaways from this article:

•      Bulwark FR has been dedicated to the oil & gas industry for over 50 years.

•      Every product is designed with the protection and performance of oil & gas workers in mind.

•      Each garment undergoes meticulous production across 60 manufacturing touchpoints.

•      Bulwark FR spends significant time training safety managers and their teams.

•      All employees commit to protecting those that power the world, including utility workers and oil & gas personnel.

•      The company embodies the heart & soul of the oil & gas industry, pledging to protect lives.


For 50 plus, proud, industry-leading years. And counting.

That’s how deep our commitment to oil & gas runs at Bulwark FR.

We were born in the oil fields.

We think about the people who give their all and sacrifice their everything to work in them, every day.

That’s why we design our every flame-resistant product with their personal protection and performance in mind.

That’s why we trace every stitch of every garment we make across 60 manufacturing touch points. Fiber to factory.

That’s why we devote more time to training and educating safety managers, and the men and women under their watch, than any other FR brand.

Above all, that’s why each and every one of our employees so solemnly pledge to be the relentless protectors of those that power the world. From the electric utility workers who keep our homes, hospitals, ventilators, lights and laptops on during these unprecedented times – to the roughnecks, roustabouts, drillers and derrickmen who keep the wheels of progress moving while the world seems to have all those in our proud industry over a barrel.

Put another way, we are oil & gas – at heart & soul.

And we dedicate our lives to protecting yours.

With every fiber of our being.