Re-Tested and Re-Certified. So You Can Stand Reassured.
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Key takeaways from this article:

•      Bulwark has successfully retested and recertified its flame-resistant (FR) garments following the release of a new edition of NFPA 2112 standard.

•      No performance requirements were changed in the 2018 standard. Hence no design changes were required for Bulwark garments to maintain compliance.

•      Garments offer equivalent protection whether labeled to the 2012 or 2018 edition of the standard.

•      Existing inventory will have a mix of garments labeled to the new and previous editions, as relabeling is only required for further production.

•      Bulwark assures full compliance and is open to addressing any further queries. 

Whenever a new edition of a standard is released, all manufacturers of flame-resistant (FR) garments, fabrics and findings are required to retest and recertify their products to demonstrate continued compliance with the standard. With the updates to NFPA 2112 that came last year, we at Bulwark have been busy with an extensive, and extremely complex review process in collaboration with UL, our third-party certifier. One involving all segments of the supply chain.

This is to let you know that Bulwark has successfully completed our recertification and is now labelling all NFPA 2112-compliant garments to the new 2018 edition of NFPA 2112.

It’s important to know that no performance requirements for garments were added or changed in the 2018 edition of the standard, therefore Bulwark garments did not need to undergo any design changes to maintain compliance. Garments labeled to either the 2012 or the 2018 edition offer equivalent protection against exposure to flash fire. However, for a time, our finished goods inventory will carry a mix of garments labeled to the new (2018) and the previous (2012) edition of the standard – given the standard doesn’t require inventory of garments certified to the previous edition to be relabeled. Rather, labels must reference the 2018 edition of the standard on new production only.

As always, should you need further clarification, Bulwark is always here with any questions you may have. For now, stand reassured. Because from full compliance, comes total confidence.