The Relentless: Profiles in the Bulwark Difference
Relentless Protectors Profiles

What motivates a relentless protector?

For Karen Hearn, it's about being able to take care of those who work on oil rigs and refineries, just like her father did when she was little. To be able to walk in her father's footsteps by supplying oil and gas workers with the best FR gear to keep them safe pushes her to be even more relentless.

Problem solving is another push for the relentless protectors at Bulwark. Rick Fisher believes that keeping wearers informed with proper training is what can save a life in case of an arc flash or flash fire. The ability to save lives is the Bulwark difference.

Trust is a big part of the relationship between Bulwark and those who proudly wear its patch on their sleeves. Tim LeMessurier knows that each sales call is so much more than making a sale. It's about establishing a long lasting relationship that keep people who do dangerous jobs safe. Just like Karen and Rick, Tim finds it hard to not stop and think about the importance of the work that he does.

The Bulwark team is proud to celebrate these relentless protectors, who remind us relentlessness is threaded into the fabric of everything we do.