What's Wrong with Task-based FR?

In short, you should wear your FR/AR all day, every day. That way, as a Safety Manager, you can rest assured that your people have a baseline of thermal protection, regardless of the other potential risks they face throughout the day. If you allow your team to don and doff their FR/AR only when they think they need it, there are big gaps of time where your guys are left unprotected. While your team may be well trained to know when and where they are most at risk, the likelihood of them being caught in a thermal incident without protection is much greater when they only wear their FR/AR on a task-related basis.

When it comes down to it, we always say, the greatest FR/AR program in the world can’t protect you if you’re not wearing it properly. That’s why we recommend an all-day, everyday approach to your FR/AR. Buttoned up, zipped up, tucked in and rolled down. No exceptions.