Washing FR

Our new video series “What In the FR??” covers the not-so-great lengths workers go to for taking care of their FR. This installment addresses the wacky ways workers risk turning wash day into a bad day.

We’ve covered why flammables and FR don’t mix before. In the case of washing, some products like lard can leave flammable residue on FR. Kerosene is a combustible oil that shouldn’t be anywhere on FR either. Just like hairspray, these materials contain accelerants that can lead to ignition and work against the garment’s FR properties.

But that’s not all: using harsh products like bleach can weaken the fibers of FR/AR. Additionally, home remedies like Coca-Cola are acidic and the carbonation can ruin the integrity of fabric that protects wearers in the instance of a fire.

Bottom line? It’s best to leave those silly solutions on the shelf, because there are better ways to stay clean, professional, and most importantly, safe. Invest in good quality stain removal products and detergents that maintain the effectiveness of FR.