Why is FR So Expensive?

Recently, we’ve received a lot of questions and comments on social media regarding the price of FR and our products, such as:

“$322 for a sweatshirt!?”

“These FR companies commit larceny with the prices they charge.”

“Are people actually stupid enough to pay these prices?”


Spending more rarely feels as good as spending less. And at a time when budgets feel tight, we understand that folks considering our FR wonder what goes into the price of Bulwark FR. So, we’re here to share the factors that determine our prices.

The fact is that FR is just more expensive than non-FR clothing. If you’re looking at a pair of FR jeans and non-FR jeans, the more protective pair is going to be pricier every time. And that’s just for basic FR.

But at Bulwark FR, we don’t do basic. Our commitment to workers, life-saving materials, innovation, and longevity takes our garments to a whole different level.


We are obsessive in our pursuit of providing workers with FR engineered to have the highest level of safety scientifically possible. That work is not easy, but it makes a difference when dealing with life-threatening thermal hazards. To us, workers are worth the price that goes into making something so trustworthy, and reaching that highest level is what makes our work worth doing.

And while non-FR and other brands may cost less, we are investing in the highest-quality materials and the next generation of FR. That includes making garments more comfortable so workers can wear them right without restriction or discomfort. We go to worksites to listen to workers, so we can add features and performance that they want in their FR. We could save by skipping steps like these, but we don’t.


FR garments are made of materials that are more expensive than the ones you will find on any runway in the world, and we source from the most trusted sources. And before any final product goes to market, our team must burn a great many of the test products to see how they react to various circumstances that show us how they hold up when faced with thermal hazards. To put it in more price-focused terms, we must burn a lot of expensive fabric before we feel certain that it's ready to protect the workers we care about.

Making FR at the highest level requires us to operate an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory that allows us to evaluate new technologies and test products, and to audit our quality and production. In other words, more steps, regulations, innovation, and quality control are part of our process.


We set out to make products that will last you for a long time, not just a season or two. And we stand by that with our guarantee. And that’s something that you just won’t get with less expensive FR.

If our garments are cared for properly, they will outlast the competition. The cost of replacing worn-out garments may seem far away, but it’s worth considering as part of the cost of the FR you buy today.


We understand that purchasing FR is a big decision. Not just because of how expensive it can be to buy, but because it is apparel you’re trusting your life with. And it is a tough reality that the hazards facing workers who need FR come with the risk of serious injury or even death.

But those who buy Bulwark FR (even when it costs more) get to go to work confident that we’ve put everything we’ve got into making them safe. That’s why we’ve tested and refined, pushing ourselves and science itself to make sure that more workers come home safe if the worst should happen. Even if that means our products must be priced slightly higher, that difference represents a lot of effort to protect those we serve.

Key takeaways from this post:

  • Flame-resistant garments are inherently more expensive than non-FR options, with Bulwark FR's commitment to safety, innovation, and longevity explaining the higher prices.
  • Dedicated to the highest safety and quality standards, Bulwark FR invests in premium materials and advanced technology, focusing on comfort and durability based on worker feedback.
  • Bulwark FR's rigorous testing and certification processes, including operating an ISO 17025-accredited lab, ensure their products meet strict safety standards before market release.
  • Offering products designed to outlast competitors, Bulwark FR provides a guarantee, emphasizing long-term durability as a better value despite the initial higher cost.
  • Bulwark FR's pricing reflects the substantial effort and resources to ensure worker safety.